We Need to Talk About Cellulite


Cellulite–no one wants to have it or talk about it. Don’t shy away–there are many ways to both proactively and retroactively combat those hateful little dimples.

What Cellulite Is

Cellulite appears as fat gathers underneath different areas of our skin. The way fat is distributed around individual bodies is affected mainly by differing genetic, hormonal, and dietary factors. As fat gathers around connective tissue it causes the skin to pucker where it would instead be taut–giving hips, buttocks, and legs the familiar and dreaded appearance of unflattering dimples.


  • Hormonal

As women age, the body begins to produce less estrogen. Estrogen stabilizes steady blood flow throughout the body, which is key to maintaining strong connective tissue. Hormones can also mean poor circulation. In order for collagen to produce, the body needs good circulation to create this protein that is very important to the upkeep of youthful skin.

  •  Genetics

Our genes account for a lot, and can predispose our bodies to forming cellulite. We can have slower metabolisms that cause us to hold more fat on the body.

  • Diet

What we eat and how we eat it has an affect on our blood circulation, collagen production, fat storage, and ultimately the strength of our connective tissue.

Keep hydrated and eat foods that are high in water content to encourage healthy tissue formation.

Foods that are lower in bad fats are also easier for our bodies to digest and turn into energy. Avoid trans fats that get stuck in the body and form fat deposits.

As mentioned frequently in previous posts and as recently as last week–antioxidant rich foods like blueberries and dark leafy greens are one of your best allies when it comes to building skin-smoothing collagen. Antioxidants stop free-radicals from attacking blood cells and halting collagen production.

  •  Smoking

Smoking can indeed be a factor in the formation of cellulite. Smoking causes a reduction in blood flow, disrupting collagen reduction, and allowing for damage to connective tissue.


To deal with stubborn cellulite, there are non-surgical and non-invasive treatments that target its appearance and existence on the body. Venus Legacy™ is a treatment that creates a specialized thermal reaction using safe multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic fields to treat cellulite and fat. Venus Legacy™ treatments increase circulation and plump your skin by stimulating collagen production. It is pain-free and requires no down-time following the treatment.

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