Protect Your Eyes!


Protecting your eyes isn’t just about going to the optometrist and wearing sunglasses.  The appearance of our eyes is important to us, too, and it’s also one of the most delicate areas of skin on our bodies.

The First Signs of Aging

Similar to your chest and neck, the skin around your eyes is thin—it requires the most protection and the softest touch. There is less fat, collagen, and elastin in these areas than in the rest of your body, and they are therefore more easily irritated and damaged. The first signs of aging skin are found in these areas, as they can fall victim to wrinkles and sun damage.

Delicate Touch

Remember: delicate skin needs to be treated delicately. No pulling or hard scrubbing. When cleansing around your eyes, avoid pressing hard, and use only one finger, dabbing lightly so as to cut-out pulling around the eyes completely. While being careful to take the best care of your delicate skin, avoid harsh face washes and lotions.

Medical Grade Skincare

Medical Grade skin lotions and cleansers are the best idea for your whole skincare regime, but they are especially important at these sensitive areas.  These thin areas of skin are easily irritated and can become inflamed when rubbed with non medical-grade skin cleansers and perfumed, thick eye-creams. Treat your eyes to a skin care regime that will prolong the youth of your delicate eyes.

Clean Make-up

Clean make-up can make an incredible difference. Clean mascara, primers, brushes, and eyeliners are necessary to keep the skin around your eyes as clean as possible and avoid irritation. Over the years, irritation leads up to weakened skin, redness, and wrinkles. Treat your eyes like the delicate parts they are!.

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