Do I need to exfoliate?


The answer is YES! Gentle exfoliation can remove dirt and debris left behind after even the most efficient cleansing. It also sloughs off dead skin cells allowing all your products with active ingredients to penetrate the healthy skin tissue instead of coating your dead skin cells. However, not all exfoliants are created equally. It is important to use an exfoliant with the right shape and type of bead. We love the ZO exfoliants as they have the perfect sphere beads that do not tear or gauge the skin. The exfoliating polish instantly smoothes the skin and gently dissolves oil, and removes dulling, clogging skin cells. It replenishes hydration and healthy lipids to brighten the skin. This exfoliatant is great for all skin types. The dual action scrub sloughs away skin-clogging skin cells. It also dissolves and removes excess oils and destroys acne-causing bacteria while still replenishing hydration and reducing inflammation and neutralizing free radicals. It is great for oilier skin but also can be used by anyone.

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