What’s the Latest and Greatest Anti-aging Ingredient?


Recently, Vivier launched a new, first of its kind anti-aging ingredient called Polyamine-DAB which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by thickening the skin. Polyamines are naturally occurring in our skin. They are involved in so many different cellular processes. They help with cell death and cell birth. They also help create proteins in our skin. Proteins break down to peptides which stimulate growth factors which stimulate collagen production. Polyamines start to decline as we age. This causes our skin to become thin causing all the signs of aging including lines and wrinkles. When we topically reapply polyamines to our skin, it increases the efficiency of all our skin’s cellular processes. It increases the thickness to provide a healthy epidermis which prevents trans-epidermal water loss. What’s even more amazing is that Vivier has combined their Vitamin C with its newly discovered ingredient, Polyamine-DAB to create a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging product called the GrenzCine Serum. Vivier has also launched its new and innovative GrenzCine eye cream, neck cream and body cream.

Grenzcine serum can be used on the face and the back of the hands. 3 drops is all you need after cleansing in the morning and at night. You will see thicker skin, more hydrated, brighter and firmer skin after 6 weeks of using this serum.

Grenzcine eye cream can be applied around the eyes and on the eyelids. The skin around the eye is ten times thinner and has less sebaceous glands which makes it very dry. This eye cream contains polyamine, vitamin c, shea butter, vitamin e as well as peptides. Half a pump is all you need to help increase the thickness and firmness of the skin while diminishing the fine lines and wrinkles and increasing moisture and luminosity.

Grenzcine Neck is a corrective cream for your neck and décolleté which provides the anti-aging benefits of thickening, brightening and moisturizing your skin, while firming and lifting the neck tissue. It contains polyamines, vitamin c, retinol and peptide complexes.

Grenzcine Body is a hydrating body cream that offers a solution for thickening the skin on the body for a younger looking appearance. It helps in brightening, moisturizing, firming and exfoliating your skin.