Banish Dark Circles


Winter is ending–and your dark circles should be too. As we age, our collagen-production naturally diminishes, but there are ways to help. Brighten up your eyes, look more awake, and go brightly into spring by treating your under-eye well.


Genetics are part of what determines melanin and collagen in your skin, and therefore its colour and texture. The lighter in colour your skin is, as well as the more thin, the more obvious a lack of sleep becomes as blood pools under the thin skin. Right underneath our eyes are the most delicate skin on our body, and so should be treated delicately. You can’t help your genetic make-up, but you can control the way you treat this delicate area to improve appearance and quality.


Treat your under-eye delicately, as it very sensitive to pressure and pulling. You can help support the quality of your under-eye by using a medical-grade skin care product that promotes collagen production while protecting from the elements. Apply with a light “dab” of just one finger for minimum interference. Avoid touching your under-eye otherwise, as this encourages irritation.


Be proactive–with big results! Treating your allergies will reduce inflammation and the urge to itch. Especially as spring approaches, treat the source of the urge to rub your eyes by determining the cause and taking an anti-histamine. Histamines are released in the body by seasonal allergies, causing the blood vessels to become inflamed, especially in your most sensitive area: the under-eye.


There are a range of treatments to improve the appearance around your eyes:

  • Skin creams and ointments. Medical-grade skin care products protect skin. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that stimulates collagen production, bringing volume back to sunken eyes.
  • Juvederm and other non-surgical treatments focus on your face help to bring back an overall brightness. Treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive, so you can get right back to the world with a brighter look!