Oh So Sensitive Skin


There are many reasons why you might find yourself with particularly sensitive skin. It may be something you’ve experienced your whole life, and is genetic. Similarly it could be environmental–dry climates promote more flakiness and dryness than humid climates. Perhaps your diet lacks hydration: water and vegetables hydrate you from the inside out. Whatever the case, there are changes you can make to encourage your skin to be less sensitive, as well as different ways to be as delicate to your skin’s sensitive nature. Here are a few areas to cover to keep your skin’s delicate surface at the back of your mind.

Makeup Removal

At night, always take off your makeup. Give your skin some rest. Remove your eye and face makeup with as little tugging as possible. As always, dab instead of pull. As with any product you are using on your body, test a spot on your arm or hand before you use anything on your face. People with sensitive skin are more likely to have a reaction to something that is just not for them, and this should be tested.


Firstly, if you’re washing your face more than twice a day, it’s too much.  Your sensitive skin needs time to rebuild after dirt is removed, and to do so needs to be left alone.


Always wear a light, non-oily sunscreen on your face, neck, and chest, and reapply a small layer every few hours. This is not exclusive to sensitive skin, but doubly important in sensitive skin’s care regime. Sunscreen protects from the drying effects of the sun. If your skin is sensitive as a matter of being “pale”, or having low melanin, heat will affect you more than others and time out of the sun is necessary. Vitamin D is essential to overall health and happiness, but a tan isn’t meant for everyone. As your skin ages, you’ll thank yourself for protecting your sensitive skin from the damaging rays of the sun that decrease collagen production and produce brown spots.


Use a protective but not overly oily night cream, which may be too much for skin that needs a simple regime. Any lotion that is scented is a straight indication that it will irritate sensitive skin.


Vegetables are hydrating and full of nutrients that you need. The positive effects of water on your skin cannot be underscored enough either! When your lips are dry or your skin feel toughs, you’re dehydrated and need some TLC straight from the tap. The less amount of salt you consume, too, contributes to stable hydration.