Skin Rejuvenation Without Needles or Knives

Unwanted and often premature signs of aging appear over time due to damage from many sources—sun exposure, hormonal changes, pollution, smoking, diet and more.

What happens to skin as we age?

The top layer of skin acts as a barrier for the body, protecting it by keeping disease and toxins out and essential body fluids in. At the cellular level, new cells are formed that move up towards the surface of the skin where they are eventually exfoliated or removed. When we are young, this process takes about 40 days—28 days to migrate to the surface and 12 days to be sloughed or exfoliated off. With youthful healthy skin, new skin cells are well organized and uniform in shape, size, pigmentation and structure.

When skin ages and begins to break down, the surface becomes discolored, loose, wrinkled and rough. Cell turnover slows, reducing essential nutrients and produces cells that are abnormal. Collagen and elastin, the necessary proteins found in our bodies for healthy, plump skin, become less dense and less uniform, disorganized and coarser, causing skin to age and sag. There is less blood circulation and moisture, resulting in dull, lifeless skin.

Skin Treatment begins with the basics

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, which is especially true with maintaining healthy youthful looking skin. A healthy lifestyle and a proper skin care routine can mean putting off or avoiding injections or cosmetic surgery.

What’s the difference? Medical grade skin care is made up of medically proven ingredients only available through a doctor, which have been developed through clinical research. Over the counter products may also be based on clinical research but the dosage of the ‘wonder ingredients’ is minimal compared to medical grade skin care products. Over the counter lotions and creams typically do not penetrate as deeply, providing only a surface treatment.

Medical grade products work deeper, targeting the dermis or middle layer of the skin, where collagen and elastin are found and in the basal or bottom layer of the skin, where new skin cells are formed.

For skin rejuvenation, and to prevent premature aging, begin with a healthy lifestyle and use medically researched products with the right formula to keep skin looking youthful.